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With Crowdfund Christmas we're using the power of crowdfunding and social media to benefit countless families in need this holiday season.

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Crowdfund Christmas
  • What: The 12 days of (Crowdfund) Christmas
  • Who: Families in need
  • When: December 20 - January 1
  • Where: Nationwide at
  • Why: To make the holiday season a joyous occasion through crowdfunding and generous individuals

It's no secret crowdfunding is an amazing tool to help people realize their dreams. Lesser known is how crowdfunding has also helped raise money for charities, disaster victims, and victims of bullying.

This Christmas, it's your turn. Nominate a family in need and help Crowdfund Christmas.

Mission Statement

The Night Before Christmas

On December 24th, millions of people will go to bed with little to wake up to on Christmas morning. Many deserving families are barely scraping by to put presents under a tree, let alone put food on the table can be a struggle. It's not right.

How can we help?

With Crowdfund Christmas, we can reverse that unwanted reality for many families in need and turn this Christmas into the joyous occasion it's meant to be. We can offer these families hope and support from the community. And we mean a big community. You can be part of this community!

It begins December 20th

Then, beginning on Dec. 20th for 12 days of Christmas, we will run an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to be distributed to as many families as possible:
First: We're helping families nominated by individual Boys and Girls Clubs. These Clubs dedicate their lives to helping kids come out ahead and know the stories of deserving families.
Second: We will raise money through for the nominated families. As many families as possible will be gifted up to $500 each, based on the total campaign donations at each participating Club's discretion.
The donation phase begins Dec 20 and continues through January 1.

Bloggers, Media, Influencers & Social Media Lovers Join Us!

Ask friends and followers to get involved.

We are big on crowdfunding and huge on giving. If you have a large social following and would like to contribute outside of your donations, we can use your help.

Here are a couple of ways you can make a bigger difference:

Ask your followers to get involved

Ask them to support the campaign, show support online for featured families, donate to the campaign, or just spread the word. Every little bit helps, and the more people who know about it, the more families we can reach.

Make a Donation

Your positive influence, through your donation and example to the campaign will go a long way in getting others to donate to the families.




Indiegogo is on board as our crowdfunding partner and host of the Crowdfund Christmas campaign.



Wahooly joined with their influencer network of 32,000 top 10% social media influencers to help drive success for this amazing project.

Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys and Girls Clubs

We're motivated to help individual Boys and Girls Clubs in the Los Angeles area and across the US who join this great initiative. Clubs are nominating families in need who deserve a break this Christmas.

“Social network fundraising needs to start somewhere, and our Club is looking forward to working with Social Edison on this project to raise funds for some of our most needy families. We are looking forward to great results from these entrepreneurs (and raving fans) of the Boys & Girls Club!” -- David Walker, President/Chief Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley

The Carter Foundation

The Carter Foundation

Key sponsorship is provided by The Carter Foundation, a non-profit created by successful tech entrepreneur, David Carter. With The Carter Foundation, 100% of donations to the Crowdfund Christmas campaign are tax-deductible and will go directly to the families and the Boys and Girls Clubs that serve them. The foundation is really helping to cover transaction fees from Indiegogo and credit card fees.

More partners coming daily!


1. How does it work? Do 100% of the funds go to families?

We're asking Boys and Girls Clubs to nominate families. We'll also feature some of the nominated families in the campaign and in our video updates. On Dec. 20, we go live on Indiegogo, the leading crowdfunding site. Quickly thereafter, in January all the donations will be sent to each chosen family.

2. Why are we doing this?

The founders of Crowdfund Christmas have seen first hand the great work Boys and Girls clubs are doing to help kids succeed in life. We know that the kids active with the Boys and Girls Club often come from families who could use a little help and we love how crowdfunding on sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Crowdrise and others really drives community donations! Let’s put this incredible tool to use for Christmas by rallying the crowdfunding community to as many deserving families as possible. We’re starting with a small idea that we hope will grow in the future to help countless families have a better Christmas.

3. Does anyone make money from this other than the families and the clubs that support them?

Absolutely not. 100% of your donation goes to the Crowdfund Christmas families and the Boys and Girls Clubs that support them. Social Edison, the campaign creator, is donating all technology and considerable resources to the project. The Carter Foundation is generously covering all costs for transaction fees incurred by Indiegogo and First Giving (the payment processor)  as well as providing financial support for campaign operations. Everyone involved is donating time, technology, influence and more to make this project successful.

4. Can a family nominate themselves?

Only families recommended by representatives of a local Boys and Girls Club can be nominated. If you are with a Boys and Girls Club in the US, you can click here to nominate.

5. What's the criteria for nomination?

Families who have trouble buying presents for their kids or putting food on the table - we want to help. Families who have recently been through tragedies and are in a state of uncertainty - we want to help. Families whose main breadwinner is unable to find work because of the unstable economy - we want to help!  Directors of Boys and Girls Clubs see these families first hand through the kids they serve. If your child is active at a Boys and Girls Club, ask them to nominate you!

6. What if the family doesn’t want to be featured?

We know there are people out there who might not want to be in the spotlight. We will only tell stories of families who agree to be featured in the campaign.

7. How much money does each family get?

That is all going to depend on the generosity of our backers. Clibs will give out $500 to as many nominated families as possible. 

8. How is the money presented to the family?

A check will be delivered to each family, through each sponsoring Boys and Girls Club. This is a safeguard to make sure the right individuals get the donations.

9. Is this tax deductible?

Yes! We’ve been registered as a non-profit thanks to The Carter Foundation.

10. Will there be perks given to backers?

Each backer of $5 or more will be placed on the Social Heroes Dashboard and given a "Christmas Seal of Generosity" to share on their social profiles.  $50 will get you a star on our Crowdfund Christmas tree!

11. What about influencers?

We will also be having an influencers contest and giving cool prizes from great brands like Skullcandy for the most influential participants who spread the word about Crowdfund Christmas.

12. Why are you only helping Boys and Girls Clubs families?

We're big supporters of the Boys and Girls Clubs. Each individual club can nominate a family at their discretion. We're really excited to be able to help those kids and their families. Movements like Crowdfund Christmas have to start somewhere. We hope to help many more families in the future.

13. We're a nonprofit. How can we help?

Yes! We need you to donate and get the word out. Contact us at and we'll send you a support kit. Or log into your Social Heroes Dashboard and start promoting!!

About Crowdfund Christmas

Crowdfund Christmas was built and conceived by Los Angeles based Social Edison, led by Danny Kastner, CEO. Danny is a member of the Leadership Council of the Boys and Girls Club LA Alliance, serving over 100,000 kids per year in the LA area through 27 clubs. Social Edison is partnering with many great individuals and organizations helping to support and spread the positive message of Crowdfund Christmas. The Carter Foundation founded by David Carter is a key sponsor to help this campaign succeed. David, as a youth, was a member of a Boys Club having a positive influence on his life and success.
We hope you'll get involved as a Social Partner, Hero and Donor of Crowdfund Christmas.